SIM CERT may provide the following services in the domain of its services

  1. Developing a business plan snap shot (quick insight into clients requirements and expected results for the planned business/investment)
  2. Developing an investment study (comprehensive and detailed business plan which includes production processes, costs, prices, quotes for procurement of facilities / equipment,etc. )
  3. Consulting services for applying and drafting business plans in order to provide external funding through donations (,,, Serbia Development Fund, Guarantee Fund in Cooperation with Ministry of Agriculture – USAID, ...
  4. Consulting services during construction and equipping of production / catering – tourist facilities (defining requirements for construction and equipping according to technical regulations and standards,
  5. Consulting services for production preparation and commerce (implementation of management systems according to international standards, organizational consulting, etc.)

The focus of our services is in the areas of:

Food processing
Tourism and catering
Renewable energy sources

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