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About us

The capacities of the consulting team and SIM CERT - with14 full-time consultants organized in the process-project model, basing service on basic consulting services which have been provided since 2007, with references of more than 600 finished projects.
Our team of consultants consists of engineers and economists. Trainings and lectures are an integral part of our job, but only as support in realizing jobs with more concrete results. These results are sometimes completely measurable (obtained certificate and/or product sales license, obtained loan – donations – grants, fully defined elements of business plan for managerial decision-making, production/executed services, production and/or control documentation, etc. ), and sometimes have less quantitative and qualitative measurement (advisory services, information based on the consultant's knowledge of the market – business, etc.) .
We are not receiving advances and do not charge in advance for services that do not have a certain realization. We are also accepting jobs from clients who have nothing but an idea.

SIM CERT's basic consulting services that provide an integrated consulting service are:

  • Implementation of international and Serbian regulations and standards for machines, electrical appliances, medical devices, pressure vessels, and other technical equipment and products
  • Assessment (analysis) of risks for the business system, element of the business system, product, production, according to clearly defined requirements of regulations / standards / production / service
  • Application of international standards menagment system for quality, environmental protection, safety and health of employees, food safety, information security, energy efficiency, social responsibility, etc.
  • Implementation of technical regulations and regulations for products, areas of production, catering and tourist facilities
  • Innovation projects management and consulting support for application for subsidies/donations/grants through international or national innovation development
    programs (Horizon 2020 (, Innovation Fund R. Serbia (, EBRD (, Development Agency of Serbia (, etc.)
  • Consulting support for development of new products and production technologies through defining requirements for products, production and products control
  • Business plans for loan application: Fund for Development of R. Serbia, Innovation Fund, IPARD program, Development Agency of Serbia, USAID support programs for fruit andvegetables / USAID Guarantee Schemes, commercial banks, as well as owner requests for investment
  • Consulting support for development of food processing industry through defining all requirements for products, production, equipment, facilities and infrastructure in order to meet requirements of market, standards and regulations

SIM CERT has a very developed network of external associates - equipment suppliers, construction companies, certification houses, control laboratories, banks, donor funds, etc.
A large number of clients, from a wide range of business activities, enable the wide perceive of problems and good awareness of consultants about the real state of the market.