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We develop business plans with the aim of designing/ displaying future business results based on new investments, business changes or market trends.

The business plan may be:

SNAPSHOT business plan

Quick „snapshot business plan, economic-financial-technical review in order to make initial managerial decisions.
Realization of this activity is done through three levels of services:

  • conversation with a consultant in order to take a current business snapshot – providing general guidelines – information on opportunities in the investment market – investment securing
  • detailed e-mail information about clients requirements
  • simple form of a business plan with basic elements regarding profitability, efficiency assessment and other business results

Fully elaborated business plan

Fully elaborated business plan with the goal of determining business projections / results with fully concretized financial and commercial-technical aspects with levels of complexity for needs of: banks, financiers, investors, donors, and other stakeholders
This activity, depending on the purpose of the business plan, is created in cooperation with partner and other companies (upon client's request or on the basis of the tender principle) in order to provide offers for specific production lines / service products / building facilities,... to the final product / executed service offered on the market.

The most of the standardized requirements for business plans creation are made for the following donor programs:

  • IPARD Program of R.Serbia (
  • Fund for Development of R.Serbia
  • USAID Competitive Economy Program, where we are accredited consultants